The H-4 Hercules, a.k.a. Spruce Goose, was originally built in sections by Hughes Aircraft in Culver City. In June 1946, the wings, hull and other sections were transported to Terminal Island in Long Beach for final assembly.

The Times reported on June 12, 1946, that “each wing is 191 feet long, 49 feet wide at the root, and 19 feet high.” Each wing weighed 34 tons and was moved by Star House Movers Inc., “which got the $140,000 moving job.”

An article in the June 13, 1946, Los Angeles Times reported:

Inching carefully along a close-guarded route from which 2100 individual power and telephone lines had been raised or lowered to provide clearance, the two mammoth wing sections of the Hughes Aircraft Co.’s $20,000,000 flying boat H-4 last night completed “the biggest airplane moving job in history” – 28 miles from Culver City to Terminal Island….

The second day of…

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