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Fascinating Facebookers’ Breakfasts – An Illustrated History

Fascinating Facebookers' Breakfasts - An Illustrated History


How Does Walmart Know This Stuff?



I think I prefer the ethereal-looking photo.

The Bathroom Mirror and the Hall Light

Charles McFarty

Charles McFarty is coming to tea
He eats and drinks then has to pee
Pretzels and prune juice and whatever he sees
He’ll down it all and does plenty of pees.

A piece of cake and lots of tarts
He eats it all and then he farts
“Another piece of cake, if you please!”
 He’ll ask quite nicely and then he pees.

He becomes quite sad when he can eat no more
And thinks about barfing on the floor
His pretzels and prune juice will be history
And then he’ll go for another pee.

Camera Gizmo

I made this bracket for shooting low angle photos. The camera shutter is fired with a wireless remote.

Here is a shot taken with a wide angle lens in my porch.

Next Autumn’s Debris

The buds in the photo below this one are now springing forth.

Nikon D5100 with Nikon Micro Nikkor 85 mm macro lens. If you keep clicking on the photo to enlarge it to its largest size, you can see two horizontal strands of spider web in the center, which testifies to the sharpness of this lens.


The trees are budding, which means a big cleanup job in the autumn.

A Foggy Morning

This was a foggy morning, March 18th.

The Sun After The Fog

Following several days of fog, the sun came out, so I cleaned the moss off my concrete sun and took his photo. Such a pleasant smile!

Dramatic Early Morning Sky

The sky looked quite dramatic early one morning (March 8th).

Early Morning Moon

The moon looked quite beautiful, early one morning, just before I left for work.

Kung Po Veggies

One of my favorite Chinese meals is Kung Po Vegetables in Szechuan gravy and loads of hot pepper.

Spring Came Early This Year

This winter has been remarkably mild and the signs of Spring are here. Indeed our Daffodils began to bloom around February 20th, this year.

I bought a set of reflectors, 48″ in diameter, which includes black, white, silver, gold and a fine gauze diffuser to soften harsh light. I used the diffuser on these Daffodils which were in strong sunlight. Such light washes out the details. Photos of the reflectors are found here:

Early Morning Fog

A light fog added beauty and a sense of peace to a new morning. The splash of color in the middle was from two lights on a house down the road. One was a yard light on a pole.

Wish You Had One?

Golden Days

There’s something about the glow of the early morning sun on my wife’s teapot collection that takes me back to the golden days when peace seemed more abundant than it is today.

“Something deep within me sighs
And wishes for the peaceful skies of long ago.”
–Karen Carpenter

Now The Leaves Are Gone

It looks so bright now the leave are gone. A road in my development.

Autumn Decoration

A good friend of mine sent me a fruit basket for Thanksgiving. It was decorated with a bow and imitation autumn leaves. I didn’t have the heart to throw it away so it now graces my kitchen counter.

Late Autumn

November 20th, 2011. Trees in my back yard. 4.30 p.m.