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Security Cameras and Privacy

Security cameras are going up everywhere. England has more of them than any other nation, but here in the United States of America, people seem to be very uncomfortable with them. Why? They say that “Big Brother” is intruding into their lives. It seems to me that some people are paranoid about being “watched.” Doesn’t the good outweigh the bad? And what “bad” is there? Has any honest person been arrested as a result of being “watched”? These cameras have been around for quite a while, now, and from all the news reports I’ve seen, only criminals have been caught by them. They can provide indisputable proof of a person’s guilt in some kind of wrong doing, and this can save quite a lot of police investigation time. It means public money is being saved!

A case in point involves a man who released an eighteen-ton anchor on a cruise ship while it was at sea. Fortunately the anchor didn’t hit the sea bed because the sea was too deep at that point. But suppose it had hit the sea bed! And suppose it dug deep! It couldn’t have dug deep enough to bring a huge ship to a sudden stand still, but it could have done some very serious damage in ripping the anchor mechanism from the ship or much worse, resulting in thousands of dollars worth of damage. How did they catch this man? He was caught on a security camera… you know, the ones used by “Big Brother” to trap innocent people!

The man who did this, and endangered the lives of everyone on the ship, claimed he was drunk, and he said the anchor system is similar to the one on his fifty-foot boat. Somehow, I don’t think a drunken person would have been able to drop the anchor. I doubt it would even have occurred to such a person. Now he faces 20 years in jail. And he deserves every minute of it!

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